Perfection doesn't happen overnight.  Our calves are great examples of purebred and E6 crosses.  Small birth & quick growth.

Breeding & Raising trusted cattle

Beefmaster - The Master Breed

With careful attention paid to the lineage of our cattle, we work carefully to achieve the most desirable herd cattle - from replacement heifers and bulls to quality beef stock.  
Rose Creek Cattle began it's journey with one lone black brangus heifer in August of 2012 as an anniversary gift (Which Paul Moore presented to Pam Faulkner).  Ladies...if you love cattle as much as I do, then you would have been over-joyed too!  Since that time we have been expanding our herd using a variety of breeds (Beefmaster, Angus (red & black), Charolais, Brangus & Ultra Black) to create that perfect animal we all love.  Great hips, perfect lines and docile.  Please visit our attached pages for photos of our "pets" and cattle for sale.